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Married Man Sex Life Primer by Athol Kay

Married Man Sex Life Primer

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Married Man Sex Life Primer Athol Kay ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 343
ISBN: 9781460981733

As an unmarried man who has thrown a lot of his blogging weight behind game for LTR (long-term relationships), Athol Kay's “Married Man Sex Life” blog has been required reading for me for the better part of the last year. The 50 Shades of Grey series has arrived and is ready to be checked out. Basically, those Alpha males that would have been most dominant in an ancient society, are now in jail. As it happens, I've been reading a book that might have some answers. In essence, taking Athol Kay's brilliant Married Man Sex Life Primer, adding some common sense and good Manosphere values, I've managed to go a full year in a relationship of over 20 and only had one (1) fight. As usual I was approached by many men looking for tips about how to get the green light from their women. See Married Man Sex Life Primer for details. But one of the best descriptions I've read comes from Athol Kay in his book The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011. There are some interesting notes about violence and Alpha male in the married man's sex life primer by Athol Kay. €�The chicks you guys pull with game are just a few more shitty guys away from wising up. He describes it as the Captain/First Officer model. What are all of you going to do when that happens and you're too old to pull this stuff?”. I wanted to kick off my list of recommended resources with a personal favourite: Athol Kay's weblog Married Man Sex Life and his book The Married Man Sex Life Primer (currently the 2011) edition.

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